The Use of Religious Symbolism in Art and Culture.

There is only one word that can eliminate all of the contradictions in your life.  That word is truth.  But, our relationship with the truth is similar to our relationship with the sun.  The truth never changes.  Even when the cold wind blows, and the rain pours down, the sun will remain unchanged.  That's why the sun is arguably the most important religious symbol in existence. 

Most monotheists are driven by the desire to achieve peace and unity through truth.  Truthful information should never contradict other truthful information.  Likewise truly peaceful people should never enter into conflicts with other truly peaceful people.  If two peaceful people are engaging in a conflict, that means that either one or both of them is lying about how peaceful they are.  

All symbolism is used to simplify something.  But, religious symbolism should be used to simplify our relationship with the truth.  That's why the MultiFest Symbolism Tool always relates all of our religious symbols to the symbol of the sun.  This resource is an interactive work-in-progress.  We expect for our database of symbols to grow and prosper like the trees in the garden of God. 

If this is your first time using the MultiFest Symbolism Tool, I would advise you to start by reading the article about the sun.  All of the other articles are listed in the "Related Symbols" section of the sun article.  But, if you are already familiar with the symbolism of the sun, then you might just want to use the search box below.

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