Inclusion in Winter Olympics proves Kim Jong-un is lovable guy.

A Google image search of the jovial North Korean leader Kim Jong-un reveals a side to him that few Americans talk about.  As long as he has all those happy pictures posted online, nobody will care about all the infants that he feeds to dogs.  Recently, the world has given him another opportunity to strut his terrified, smiley faced followers on the world stage.  As of January 2018, North Korea has agreed to graciously send well fed athletes to the Winter Olympics in South Korea.  

But, where is he getting these well fed North Koreans?  He would have a hard time finding someone like that in North Korea.  People fleeing that country tell stories of brutality, hunger and even cannibalism.  One guy ate his two children.  Then he tried to feed the meat to his wife.  He was tried and executed.  But, nobody knows what the government did with his body.  In fact, nobody really knows what the government does to any dead bodies in North Korea.  The United Nations World Food Program requested access to a suspected human meat market.  But, the North Korean government denied the request. 

Some of you might think that inclusion in the Winter Olympics makes Kim Jong-un into an OK guy.  Those people should navigate away from this article and forget you were ever here.  But, the rest of you should take a moment to make use of the social media buttons below.

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