North Korea dreaming. A guide to being "bling" in the land of starvation.

North Korea's participation in the 2018 Winter Olympics was a long time coming.  In 2008, a South Korean tourist in the Kangwon province of North Korea was executed by authorities for no apparent reason.  But, Kim Jong-un still had a vision.  He wanted to put a luxury ski resort right in that same province.  So, that's what he did.  In 2014 he built a 120 room luxury ski resort.  Guest could now enjoy little extras such as hot tubs, saunas and food to eat. 

That's right!  The guests at this luxurious hotel were eating actual real food.  North Korea had been having trouble feeding their people.  So, the workers serving the hotel guests were likely getting by on a diet which included bricks of bark, leafs, and grass.  Of course, as sure as two plus two equals four, starving people just start eating each other.  So, one can't help but wonder if the friendly employees at this exclusive resort have ever eaten North Korea's most exclusive meats.

In 2013, about a year before this monument to North Korean hospitality was built, a man named Sung Min Jeong told stories of shopkeepers serving human meat.  Also, in 2013, a North Korean man was found guilty of eating his two children.  When his wife returned home he tried to feed her some of the meat.  The father was later executed.  But, we don't know what authorities did with his body.  The United Nations World Food Programme has requested access to suspected market places for the sale of human meat.  But, they were denied access for security reasons. 

This article is being published about four years after Kim Jung-un opened his ski resort.  In the sea of confusion, people are discussing topics ranging from nuclear missiles to the winter Olympics in South Korea.  But, if you insist that human rights are important, who can prove you wrong?  If you want to insist that human rights should be respected in North Korea, make extensive use of the social media buttons below.

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