Can Donald Trump walk a mile in Kim's shoes?

It may be difficult for most Americans to imagine living under the Kim dynasty in North Korea.  But, let's just start with Donald Trump as a reference point.  Imagine that Donald Trump sends a Tweet declaring himself to be a Jesus like figure.  After that, every United States resident is forced to learn every word of that book "The Art of the Deal".  If they can not recite the words to that book, they will be beaten and tortured.

After a revolution, Donald Trump dies.  His lineage takes over the oval office.  As time goes on, the United States looses all of it's trading partners.  Infrastructure such as agricultural equipment slips into a state of disrepair.  The United States is living on the brink of starvation with little or no access to medicine.  But, the trump dynasty maintains power while feeding the US people bricks of bark, leafs and grass.  

That pretty much describes how the Kim dynasty was formed in the 1940's.  More recently, in early 2018, the new year saw a surge in North Korean defectors.  This comes after a 20% decrease in defections in 2017.  The decrease in 2017 could be the result of aggressive efforts such as the recently discovered mobile espionage campaign by North Korea.  Or, it could be because North Korea has suddenly become an amazing place to live.  

The elected officials in the United States are faced with a decision.  They can support a war with North Korea.  Or, they can oppose it.  But, either way, their is probably going to be a war.  The war will likely involve a bunch of allied forces accepting the surrender of a bunch of North Korean soldiers.  The allied forces will need more doctors than soldiers.  That's because the North Korean soldiers will likely need treatment for ailments related to undernourishment and unsanitary living conditions.  

After that, the images will start to roll in.  I'm sure that you all remember the horrific imagery that came out of the concentration camps after World War 2.  The images that come out of North Korea will likely be even more horrific.  That's because the camera equipment is better than it was back then.  But, human suffering is always the same no matter when or where it's happening.  At that point, any politician that was visibly opposed to the war will loose their career.  Their opponents would never let them get away with that. 

Dealing with North Korea is like taking a trip to the doctor when you know that something is seriously wrong with you.  It must be done no matter how unpleasant.  In fact an actual trip to the doctor is badly needed by most if not all of North Korea's 25 Million citizens.  If you want to help make extensive use of the social media buttons below as you are finished reading this message.  

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