The Symbolism of the Human Body

Spiritual Significance

The human body is often described as either spiritual or material. In the Baha’i text, the spiritual body is always more eternal, and more fruitful. The text makes repeated efforts to convince followers to focus on the virtues of the spiritual body while downgrading the significance of material imperfections.[text] [text] [text]

Practical Application

The accurate application of the symbol of the human body can help us better understand the world around us. For example, if we view our country of origin as a human body, we would want that body to be healthy. The villages within that country should be viewed as organs. The body would never want any one of it’s organs to be damaged. Religious and educational institutions can be viewed in the same way. [text] [text] [text]

Relation to the Sun

People are viewed as having both spiritual and material bodies. The spiritual body is always more fruitful and eternal than the material body. So, it stands to reason that the Sun would be a thing that improves the condition of the human body. But, that is only because the Sun symbolizes truth. It is through the truth of Gods word that the human body can be revitalized.[text]

Related Quotes

  • “As the sun gives life to the body of humanity so does truth give life to their souls. Truth is a sun that rises from different points on the horizon. ” - Abdu’l-Baha

  • “These twelve Central States of the United States are like unto the heart of America, and the heart is connected with all the organs and parts of man. If the heart is strengthened, all the organs of the body are reinforced, and if the heart is weak all the physical elements are subjected to feebleness. ” - Abdu’l-Baha

  • “Material virtues are like unto a perfect body, but this body is in need of the spirit. No matter how handsome and perfect the body may be, if it is deprived of the spirit and its animus, it is dead. But when that same body is affiliated with the spirit and expressing life, perfection and virtue become realized in it. Deprived of the Holy Spirit and its bounties, man is spiritually dead. ” - Abdu’l-Baha

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