The Symbolism of Fish

Spiritual Significance

A fish depends on the ocean for sustenance.  But, the ocean can be a dangerous place.  There are lots of other fish to contend with.  If all of the fish get along, everybody has enough food to eat.  But, divisions can make the fish want to jump onto the beach.  Sometimes, they would rather die in the light of the sun than survive the ocean.

If the clouds are cleared, and the sun is shining on the ocean, then the fish can still perceive the truth of the sun.  But, they will likely struggle more than the creatures in the garden.  They must become like mirrors.  That is to say that they must try harder to become perfect reflections of Gods image.  [text] [text]

Practical Application

The fish are meant to teach us a lesson about our material interactions with material people in pursuit of material objectives.  All of these objectives will lead to conflict unless material objectives are pursued by way of spiritual truths.  It might seem difficult to cling to the word of God while you are trying to make money.  But, it's not as difficult as engaging in divisive and unnecessary conflicts. The fish should become like multiple mirrors reflecting the light of the same sun. [text] [text] [text]

A fish can have a tumultuous relationship with the ocean.  Sometimes your work environment might make you feel like a fish loathing the ocean.  Other times your entire community might harass, assault or even kill individuals because of community wide prejudices.  In situations like that, you might consider seeking the support of the international community.  Those kinds of violations often go unchecked by the local community.  But, they are rarely misinterpreted by the religious community abroad. [text]

Relation to the Sun

The fish long for the sun.  As they struggle against each other, they long for the Sun even more.  That's because the Sun is the only thing that can end the struggle.  But, obstacles such as dark clouds and rough waves can obstruct and distort the light of the Sun.  This creates a situation where martyrdom seems likely.  Although, most peoples fish experience isn't quite that bad. [text] [text] [text]

Related Quotes

  • "O Sun-like Mirrors! Look ye upon the Sun of Truth. Ye, verily, depend upon it, were ye to perceive it. Ye are all as fishes, moving in the waters of the sea, veiling yourselves therefrom, and yet asking what it is on which ye depend." - Baha'u'llah

  • "We behold you wandering distraught in the wilderness of error. Ye are the fish of this Ocean; wherefore do ye withhold yourselves from that which sustaineth you?" - Baha'u'llah

  • "I agonize even as a fish, its inward parts afire as it leapeth about in terror upon the sand, yet I ever look for Thy bestowals to appear from every side." - Abdu'l Baha

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