The Symbolism of Rain

Spiritual Significance

The rain is the only way to get the clouds to go away.  It's crucial that the clouds are cleared away from the Sun.  That's because the sun is the symbol of truth.  So, rain ends up being a way to achieve truth.  But, a rain can be cold and unpleasant.  Nevertheless, rain is necessary in order to water the garden of God. [text] [text]

Practical Application

The symbol of the rain is an analogy for the relationship that people should have with the truth.  Upon discovering the truth, one might feel like they are standing in a cold rain.  Many of you will be forced to rethink your perspective on certain issues.  Our job is to handle the truth with mercy.  But, be careful, in the Baha'i faith, mercy comes by way of justice. [text] [text]

The rain can be unpleasant.  But, it nourishes the ocean with life giving water.  Also, it allows the sun to shine on the fish.  That's important because fish are important. They represent the kinds of functional relationships that people have with coworkers and other colleagues. [text]

Relation to the Sun

The sun is the symbol of truth.  But, the rain often reveals unpleasant truths.  This process has a tendency to make the truth seeker angry.  But, it's important that we handle these truths with mercy.  It's equally important to understand that mercy comes by way of justice.  So, simply because you have to be merciful, doesn't mean that you have to let people walk all over you. [text] [text]

Related Quotes

  • "The soul-refreshing breeze is wafted from every direction; the soul-quickening bounty is everywhere; the cloud of mercy showers down its rain, and the sun shines upon everything. Day by day we perceive that the signs of vegetation are all about us. " - Abdu'l Baha

  • "Clouds may veil the sun, but, be they never so dense, his rays will penetrate! Nothing can prevent the radiance of the sun descending to warm and vivify the Divine Garden." - Abdu'l Baha

  • "Just as forgiveness is one of the attributes of God’s mercy, so is justice one of the attributes of His lordship. The canopy of existence rests upon the pole of justice and not of forgiveness, and the life of mankind depends on justice and not on forgiveness." - Abdu'l Baha

  • "The reality of Divinity is like an endless ocean. Revelation may be likened to the rain. Can you imagine the cessation of rain? Ever on the face of the earth somewhere rain is pouring down." - Abdu'l Baha

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