Is Tyranny Back En Vogue?  Kim Jong Un or the Comeback Kid?

Is Tyranny Back En Vogue? Kim Jong Un or the Comeback Kid?

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un is busy bringing the sexy back into mass torture.  Friday, he was spotted strutting his angry threats in front of a world audience.  The dictator launched a missile over Japan just hours before threatening to sink one of their islands.  Tyranny hasn't had this much bling since the Timurid Empire forced over two hundred thousand Indian soldiers and civilians to jump off a cliff.  But, that was almost a thousand years ago. 

In the North Korean government, incentives are scarce.  This could be because their entire economy is supported by a massive counterproductive welfare state.  At this point, an international food assistance program is the only thing keeping them alive.  But, get-slim Kim doesn't really need to feed his people all those fatty foods anyway.  That's because he has designed the worlds most elaborate and delicate system of disincentives.  So, who needs incentives?

The moment of truth has arrived.  His hierarchy of disincentives will soon collapse under the pressure of the global justice system.  So, will the streets of North Korea run red with ruling class blood?  Probably not.  At the peak of the Nazi party in 1933 they received over 17 million votes in the federal elections.  But, when it came time to convict everybody, only 12 Nazi officials were put to death.  

Do you think that Kim Jong Un could potentially escape execution and even imprisonment?  Adolf Hitler killed himself.  But, I don't think that this guy is the suicide type.  Which North Korean officials will be tossed into the meat grinder over this?  If you think you know who it will be, then make extensive use of the social media buttons below.

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