The new era of free speech vigilantes

What is an 'anti-free-speech' 'free-speech-advocate'?  Isn't that a free speech advocate who is actually opposed to free speech?  This innovation in hypocrisy is brought to you by a little movement called Black Lives Matter.  Here's how it works.

Freedom of speech is protected by the US constitution.  But, that doesn't mean that every half baked phrase that passes through the lips of every half baked protester is protected by law.  For example, disturbing the peace is not protected by law.  It's a serious form of disorderly conduct that is punishable by jail time in many states.  But, Black Lives Matter has a history of repeatedly violating this law.  

In August of 2017 thousands of Black Lives Matter demonstrators launched an intimidation protest against a planed free speech rally in Boston, MA.  Their little plan worked.  Most of the original free speech advocates chose not to show up.  But, the anti-free-speech BLM protesters showed up in mass numbers to engage in disorderly conduct with impunity.  

In September of 2017 a group of Black Lives Matter protesters shut down a speaking event featuring a leader from the ACLU.  The speaker had been invited to give a talk.  But, the BLM protesters stormed into the venue shouting chants like; "the revolution will not uphold the constitution".  This was a likely reference to the ACLU's efforts to allow a group of white supremacists to exercise their constitutional right of free speech.  

In December of 2017 DeRay McKesson announced that he would be suing Fox News over comments made by Jeanine Pirro.  The whole thing started when DeRay McKesson led a rally in which someone threw a rock at a police officer.  The officer tried to sue McKesson.  But, U.S. District Judge Brian Jackson upheld that McKesson's behavior was protected by free speech laws.  Later, during the show Fox & Friends, the reporter Jeanine Pirro said "You've got a police officer who was injured, he was injured at the direction of DeRay McKesson".  According to McKesson, that little tidbit shouldn't be protected by free speech laws because it puts him in danger.  Perhaps he's concerned that someone might throw a rock at him. 

Hypocrisy is nothing new for Black Lives Matter.  But, this kind of free speech related hypocrisy actually is relatively new.  All three of these events happened within the last four months.  So, is this a new strategy for Black Lives Matter?  If you want to be an actual real true advocate of real freedom of speech, make extensive use of the social media buttons below.

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