Investigating the Philosophy of Investigation at Multi Fest.  


By Charles Black

I want you to imagine that you are a teacher.  You come up with an irresistible idea for a lesson plan.  You will stop at nothing to pull it off.  So, you start by measuring the distance between New York and Los Angeles with a tape measure.  

You just burned up your whole summer vacation on this lesson.  But, you want to see if your students can find out the true distance between those two cities.  You won't show them your measurements.  But, you offer the class two options.  First, they could select one student to determine the distance.  Then they would all be graded based on that students answer.  Or, they could each investigate for themselves.  If they choose the second option, they would discuss their findings as a group.  But, they would each settle on their own estimate with it's own grade.  

Surely, the students would choose the second option.  Wouldn't they?  That's what Multi Fest is all about.  This is a resource for the independent investigation of truth.  Join our Multi Faith Art Discussion to learn about religious art.  Or, join our Social Action Group to keep up with a wide range of religious perspectives on current events.  Also, our blog deconstructs current events by way of Baha'i liberalism.  For more information about Baha'i liberalism, check the drop down menue under our "about" section.