Cutting Edge Disguises. Will the Real Kim Jong Un Please Stand Up?

Republicans are jovial after taking credit for the UN sanctions on North Korea.  This leaves most Americans asking the following question.  It's the question of all questions.  Here it is.  If North Korea were a television series, what would it be?  The most secretive nation in the world leaves many creative voids to be filled.  I'm thinking about Breaking Bad, Naked Gun, and a multitude of spy comedies.  But, what do we actually know about Kim Jong Un?

This promising young dictator-to-be was either born in 1982 or 1983.  But, after that, the details of his childhood become a little unclear.  He might have attended Liebefeld Steinhölzli school in Koniz Switzerland for the sixth, seventh and eight grade under the fake name Pak-un.  Or, that kid might have been his brother.  Or, it might have been some other son of a North Korean official.  We might never know.  

Reliable sources of information about North Korea are scarce.  The best information we have comes from North Korean defectors.  These people tell horror stories of an entire country being held hostage.  But, their stories of torture, rape and mass murder are scattered throughout the internet and the world.  

It's time to shift the conversation about North Korea away from US national security.  It's time to start talking about human rights.  If you know of any information collected from North Korean defectors, post it in this Multi Faith Action Group.  If you don't have any information, just join the group and keep up with our progress.  But, before you join, make extensive use of the "share" button below.