Actions Happen When We Make an Appointment with Desire.  

Professional investigators are taught to avoid unfounded assumptions.  In order to solve a mystery, one must disregard unprovable information.  An activist should take the same approach.  They should start by identifying what famed sociologist Max Weber referred to as "value rational" actions.  These actions become the cornerstone of individual behaviors.  But, where can we find good stable value rational actions?  After all Dr. Weber himself wrote;

"It is not true that good can only follow from good and evil only from evil, but that often the opposite is true."

-Max Weber

In Theological Liberalism trust in authority is continuously destroyed and rebuilt.  Over time, it becomes clear that profits and dispensations are a valuable authority.  Their teachings can be trusted.  Thus, religion becomes the "value rational" for some of the most effective liberal movements in history.  Our Social Action Facebook Group is using these two rules to create a resource for religious based value rational statements.  

  1.  All "discussion" threads must be reasonably factual and devoid of opinions or speculation. The opinions should be placed in the "comments" section. All statements of fact are welcome in the group. But, they must be either based on personal experience, based on a conversation that you had with a physical witness to the event, or you should site a reliable online source.
  2. Opinions can only be placed in the "comments". If you want to state your opinion, you could start by posting a fact as a "discussion". Then post your opinions as "comments" to that "discussion". All statements of opinion should be partially or wholly based on a religious document. Do your best to communicate those documents to the group. You may notice that I post links to the Multi Fest blog articles. Each of those articles has a source link to a religious document at the bottom.